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Hello! This is yout wish list!

the wish list is an easy way to send us a purchase or quotation request.

You have just to add the desiderd animal/s to the list, fill in the following page, make a last check out and then submit your request.

We'll reply you as soon as possible.

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.: MCS » Dove acquistare/Where to buy

L'acquisto può essere in occasione delle principali fiere nazionali ed internazionali indicate nella sezione "fiere", oppure online con ritiro nelle seguenti modalità:
  • direttamente alla MCS (previo appuntamento)
  • presso un casello autostradale in molte regioni d'italia
  • presso le fiere elencate in questo sito
  • presso il più vicino aeroporto abilitato
  • per i dettagli cliccare la pagina "next step" della wish list

You can buy at the major national and international expos listed in the dedicated "expos" section or you can buy online with the following pick-up modalities:
  • directly at MCS facility (call first to set up an appointment)
  • nearby highway tollgates in many Italian regions
  • at the expos listed on this website
  • at the nearest qualified airport
  • for details select the 'next step' page from the wish list

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